Our Values

As a "REAL" Natural Beauty Care Formulator, we are very particular about the types of ingredients and manufacturing processes that go into the natural beauty products our company offers. We believe that by keeping our standards high, you as a customer / marketer, are guaranteed the best quality skin care products available…anywhere. Let us tell you exactly what those standards are.

While the days that each of us, out of necessity, made our own soap, shampoos and cosmetics are long past, we as developers, still use those same natural fruits, colors, oils, herbs, waxes, and healing agents derived from Mother Nature's “garden” of plants and minerals. When you read our products ingredient list, you find high quality, effective, natural ingredients, the kind as a conscientious marketer, you must demand for your customers. To assure this quality continues, we guarantee you a stable product to bring to the market place. Bacterial growth, especially in “real” natural products, begins with exposure to both non-sterile conditions and moisture. It's a problem that can occur as soon as a product is opened or contaminated by human touch. Whenever possible, we use natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract, vitamins A (vegetable), C (citrus), E (soy bean), and lactose peroxidase and glucose oxidase, (an enzyme system extracted from milk whey and a naturally occurring nutritional carbohydrate from microbial culture). However, it is our goal to continually bring truly “effective” products to the consumer that won't spoil, separate or cause dehydration of ingredients. Because of this commitment there are times when in order to keep a "very" beneficial formula stable, we add a "Paraben Free" broad spectrum preservative system that includes benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol and potassium sorbate. We choose these ingredients over other synthetic preservatives because they require only a very small amount, (less than 1%), to be an effective bactericide while not interfering with the "delicate bouquet" of essential oil blends in our formulations.

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